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Album Design is the first plug-in for use with Adobe Photoshop specifically designed to enhance the layout process of your digital photo albums. 

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* Fast tools to design exclusive Album
* Ready to use: sizes and templates
* Huge library of ready to use Templates, Effects,
Clipart, Frames, Background, Masks and Styles
* Photo Editing is in Photoshop directly
* Saved Project is reused more times
* Auto Resize of the ready project to any size
in just one click
* Export to JPEG, PDF, PSD, TIFF, Split, Multimedia
and WEB automatically

New functionalities in
Album Design 8

Smart Template Functionality

6600 smart templates

1600 Light Room effects for CC - CC 2017

Reorder pages with drag&drop

Insert photos with drag&drop

Recognize orientation of photos

600 backgrounds & 300 cliparts

Compatible with CS3 - CC2017 (32 - 64 bit)

Ready to use Dimensions
 Album Design offers several types of default presets according to the industry standard of printing
with margins of safety. It is possible to create and save  as a preset a new album dimensions.


Auto Composition
This function allows to automate the   
insertion of the photo and layout of a new 
digital album using some ready project,
or select different templates from the library
of Album Design. 
It is possible to automate an entire folder
of the photos or select the single files from
your local disk.
Only a few clicks to select the templates and 
photos and your album is ready.

Advanced Photo Editing
With Album Design, you can  
edit the photo from your project 
in Photoshop directly. 
You can also connect Album Design with 
some your prefered external editor. 
Album Design is a perfectly compatible
with all types of the external Photo editors
such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Painter,
Aperture and many other editing software 
for Win and Mac.  

Page Decor
Album Design offers a huge graphic libraries 
to create endless combinations which help you
to create unique and exclusive project of the
digital photo album.
Those huge graphic libraries can be also expanded
with the additional graphics from our website.
Album Design offers a wide range of ready to use
Backgrounds, Clipart, Frames, Masks, Templates.
All graphic libraries are available for download
from our server.
The additional graphics can be purchased from our

Stunning Effects
With just a click add stunning effects
to your photos such as Flow, Color Pastes, Lights, Lens,
Black and White, Color, Define, Painting ...  
To combine the filters in order to achieve more
surprising results.
The effects are applied as a Advanced Object
with the open layers.  
So that new effect can be edited, or delete easily. 

Advanced Multiple Input Photo
Album Design gives you the possibility to 
insert one or several photos at the same time.
These photos are resized during the upload
in the template automatically.
The photo is inserted as a Advanced object.
This option is a fundamental
to avoid the loss of quality of the photos
during any resize. 
In addition, you can always pull out the
original photo from the template saved in PSD.

Automatic Export
Album Design is the Plugin software 
for auto layout of digital photo albums with
the fastest export on the photo market.
Select a color profile from default or use
your prefered one to export your project
in high resolution to the most common
graphic formats: PSD, JPG, TIFF, PDF.
Multimedia and web Album will be created
during the salvage automatically.

Export to Preview
Using Album Design you can export your project 
to PDF preview with the low resolution and 
with different protections. 
You will be able to send the project to your client 
via email before the printing.
The protection of pdf file is a further quarantee
to prevent the printing and protect your work.

Album Design 8 at a glance:
· 1500 Templates + 6600 Smart Templates
· 280 Effects + 1600 Light Room effects
· 700 Masks · 100 Frame Styles
· 560 Object Styles · 90 Frames
· 460 Clipart · 820 Background
· Effect Editor 
· Supported formats: RAW, JPG, PSD, PDF, TIFF, PNG... 
· External Photo Editor · PDF Preview
· CD-DVD Recorder · FTP Upload

Album Design is available in 15 languages: 
· English · Spanish · French · Italian · Portuguese
· Polish · German · Japanese · Russian · Chinese
· Greek · Hebrew · Korean · Dutch · Turkish

Available for Windows and Mac

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Album Design 8 Advanced Win FULL

Album Design 8 Advanced Win FULL

Album Design is the first plug-in for use with Adobe Photoshop specifically designed to enhance the layout process of your digital photo albums. 

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