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Album Express 7 Professional is a stand-alone software especially designed to accelerate the creation and the layout process of high quality digital photo albums. 

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Album Express 7 allows you to create a professional photo album quickly and easily.

Album Express 7 offers vast library of professional graphics and tools such as:
Smart Templates
Photo Editing
Level Tools
Smart Album
Project Control
Text Tool

* Import a wide range of file formats, including JPG, TIFF, PNG, and PSD
* Export to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, PNG, and PDF Preview protected
* 7-day customer support
Smart Templates is the easiest way to design your albums
Album Express 7 offers you thousands of professionally designed templates, giving you creative freedom. Select your images, drag and drop the page is ready immediately. It's so simple. With beautiful layouts to choose from, simple customization and time-saving technologies, there's no better way to design your album.
Drag & Drop: Just drag the pictures you want to use on the page.
Do you want to swap a picture position with another? Drag and drop the image onto each other.
Albums, Dimensions, and Formats ready for use
 Album Express offers different preset types according to the print industry standard with its security margins. 

* It is possible to preset a number of minimum and maximum pages.
* Includes most popular print formats ready for use
* Create and save your formats as a preset
*  Automatic resizing of the project
* Resizing a single page in the project to any size
* Project created reusable several times

Replace a Template

With Album Express, just take a click to replace a created template with a new one from the library of the templates, without worrying about re-inserting your photos.
From the Template Browser, you can also paste the elements of a new template on the current page, or you can add a new template to your project in the original size of the template.

Level Tools
Album Express has layers similar to the photoshop window, with features to help you create advanced templates.
In this window you can:
make objects invisible
apply a style or an effect like photoshop.

With Album Express, you can edit project photos with available color correction features, or you can right-click on the photo object and select the software that you previously connected to in the program's preferences.
It is perfectly compatible with any external photo editor such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Painter, Aperture and any other photo correction software for WIN and MAC.

Auto Composition
With the new function Auto Album you can automate the layout process of the album project using an old project, or selecting the templates from the library. 
You can select a whole folder of the photos or select the photos one by one in your local disk.
Just a few clicks to select the templates and the photos and your album is ready.

Export and Multiprocessing
Album Express is the fastest rendering software available on the market, the more memory is on  your computer the faster is the rendering.
Choose the default color profile or select any your prefered color profile and start to export your project to high resolution in the most popular graphics formats:
Album Express analyzes your project and warns you of any problems, helping you get problems in advance.
Album Express lets you change project resolution (dpi) before exporting it.
Export Preview
Using Album Express you can export your project to PDF preview with the low resolution and with different protections.  
You will be able to send the project to your client via email before the printing
The protection of pdf file is a further guarantee to prevent the printing and protect your work..
You can also publish it on your FaceBook page to promote your business.

Album Express 7 at a glance:
800 layout Templates, 6600 Smart Templates, 570 Masks, 60 Frames, 490 Cliparts, 890 Background, Editor Effects,
Supported Formats: RAW, JPG, PSD, PDF, TIFF, PNG...
External Photo Editor Support , PDF Preview, Share Project, CD-DVD Recorder, FTP Upload.
Album Express is available in 15 languages: 
English · Spanish · French · Italian · Portuguese · Polish · German · Japanese · Russian · Chinese · Greek · Hebrew · Korean · Dutch · Turkish.
Available for Windows and Mac

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Album Express 7 Win Pro

Album Express 7 Win Pro

Album Express 7 Professional is a stand-alone software especially designed to accelerate the creation and the layout process of high quality digital photo albums. 

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